Collaborate on Stories

Collaboration on Stories is here. Share your Stories with other Trint users and collaborate to add and rearrange your key quotes.

Just go into a Story, click Share and select can edit access.

This sharing functionality is available for ProPro Team and Enterprise users.

Share your Story with anyone

You can now share your Story with anyone by sharing a public link.

Just head on into a Story and click the Share button.

This sharing functionality is available for ProPro Team and Enterprise users.

Search for any term in any Trint

Search is here. Find any term across any Trint file: whether that's a transcript, a Story, a Translation or a Realtime Trint (for Enterprise). 

Just go to the Search bar in the top right of your home page. 

Arranging your Story got a whole lot simpler

You can now group sections of your Story together and easily arrange in the best order. 

You can now move groups of quotes and text by adding underneath a heading. These can then be collapsed and re-ordered.  Check it out: 

Give us a holler with questions. 

Speaker detection and autofill

Trint now identifies unique speakers in your file and will auto-label them "Speaker 1", "Speaker 2", etc. This is only applicable to new, not historical transcripts. 

Once you label them the speaker name will auto-populate for each speaker, so you don't need to do this manually. Here's a snapshot: 

Let us know how you do. 

Mention team members and send notifications

You can now mention team members in comments simply by using @ and start typing their name or email address. 

Once you mention them they'll receive an email instantly letting them know and they can start working with you . 

Users you mention will also need to have their permissions updated. Click 'Share' in the top right to make sure they can access. 

This functionality is available for Pro Team and Enterprise users. If you mention someone who does not have a Trint account they will need to subscribe to a plan.  

Share Trints Faster

When you share Trints with Team Members in your organization the email address will auto-populate as you type. 

So instead of having to type the whole email address out, it'll do it for you. 

Check it out: 

Sharing Trints is currently only available on Pro, Pro Team and Enterprise plans.

Create a Story in Trint

Announcing new functionality!

You can now create a Story - this is generally released and available to all Trint users. 

Select key quotes from as many of your Trint transcripts as you like and bring them into one place, a Story. Simply highlight or select the moment and click Add to Story in the toolbar menu above the transcript. 

Once in the Story you can: 

  1. Organize the flow by dragging and dropping the quotes
  2. Playback to see and hear how your Story is coming together
  3. Add notes or scripting in text blocks around the quotes

  4. Export to word processors or Adobe, Avid, Final Cut, etc. with .xml or .edl files. The latter helps to generate a swift rough cut

Looking for more information?

For more information and an overview video, please check out our product page. Please check out our support article for FAQs.

Where can I leave feedback? 

Please send us an email at or through our customer experience team in chat. 

Share Trints at a specific moment

It's now possible to share your Trints at a specific time code with collaborators. 

This makes finding and working on key moments much simpler by jumping directly to the place you need to.

Apple now available for social sign-on

We recently launched the ability to login to your Trint account using Apple social sign-on, through both the Trint's web app and mobile iOS app. 

This means there's more ways to securely, and conveniently, access your Trint account. 

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