New keyboard shortcuts to change playback speed and Verify

We know some of you love a keyboard shortcut, so we've added a couple more.

  1. To toggle toggle whether a paragraph is verified: control alt v (⌃⌥v)

  2. Playback speeds: control alt 1-0 (⌃⌥ 1-0).

These are all in addition to the our existing keyboard shortcuts, which you can see by pressing "Shortcuts" in the bottom right of the Editor.

Give them a go! What else would you like to have keyboard shortcuts for?

Easier to see Verified bar

We've made a minor improvement to the Verified bar, making it thicker when you've verified a paragraph:

It's now quicker to glance at and see a size difference as well as the color. As a reminder, you can now drive some really exciting onward workflows when combined with our Zapier verified action.

English Transcription Accuracy Improved 💬

We just released improvements to our English algorithm to increase transcription accuracy. Going forward there’s no need to select the accent of the speaker when uploading files to Trint.

Additionally, you’ll have the option of selecting either American 🇺🇸 or British 🇬🇧 spellings in the language drop down menu when uploading files. While the choice of accents is removed, we understand that selecting a spelling convention is a more meaningful time-saver.

We've automatically moved you over to the new options, so there's no need to do anything.

Word export: now with all your highlight colors! 🖋

Small improvement, but one you’ve been asking for. Trint’s Word export now includes all highlight colors:

Multiple highlight colors are part of our Basic, Supercharged, Team and Enterprise plans. Upgrade now for lots of additional benefits if you’re on a PAYG plan.

Sharing in one place: meet our easier-to-use sharing panel

We’ve done a little reorganizing and consolidation to make it easier to share Trints, so all the options are now in one place. You’ll also be able to see Who has access and Copies sent.

Heads up: the “Email” button will be retired soon, and is now called “Send a copy.”

Zapier uploads: now multilingual! 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇩🇰

We’ve made an enhancement to our Zapier integration and you can now choose the transcription language. All our supported languages are available:

Check out the Integrations tab to get started with Zapier, where you’ll find loads of time saving Zaps.

iOS: Improved performance and selections

We released an update to the playback of transcripts in Trint’s iOS app: you can now select text directly from a transcript to copy and share. Double tap (or tap and hold) to activate when you’re looking at a transcript.

We also dramatically reduced the time it takes to load a transcript, meaning less time waiting and more time reviewing.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Email us at

Putting folders first 📁

Keeping track of your Trints and your folders in the Trints page is now easier. We’ve reorganized the Trints page so that folders are displayed first, and individual Trints after.

We’ve also made performance improvements and squashed a few bugs 🐛 so your time on Trint is more efficient and smooth.

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