Add Realtime Trints directly to a Workspace

Enterprise users can now add a Realtime Trint directly a Workspace when creating the live transcription. 

The option to add to Workspace is available whether you are capturing a live stream (pull protocols) or generating a stream (push protocols). 

It's simple, just select Create Realtime Trint, the sidebar opens and underneath the title you can choose your Workspace: 


This will now be accessible to all members in that Workspace, no more need to share Realtime Trints and set access individually.  

If you're interested in Realtime functionality, you need to be on an Enterprise plan. 

Upload Trints to a Workspace from iOS

Pro Team and Enterprise users can now directly upload Trints from the iOS app to a Workspace, whether that's a live recording or a phone recording captured on the app.  

Upon upload these Trints will instantly be shared and available to everyone in that Workspace. 

Just make sure to select Workspace before you transcribe: 

Let us know how you find it. 

More flexible search

The search bar on "Your Trints" page is much improved. 

We made changes to allow you to search for any part of the file title and yield results. Before the update, your search would have to be an exact match of the title and spacing, otherwise the file wouldn't be surfaced.  

Search is slightly faster, to boot! 

Export Markers into CSV

There's a new way to export moments that matter in CSV to help your onward work, understanding and analysis.

In addition to the other new formats, you can also export the markers in your transcript.

When you export the CSV file you'll get the exact timecode of the marker, like this:

More to follow...

Get even more out of CSV Exports

You may have seen that we added CSV files as an export format not long ago, which included either exporting highlights or exporting comments. Well, we just added one more: the entire transcript as a CSV file.

Just go to the Export tab on the Trints page, select CSV at the bottom and click on 'Entire Transcript':

What comes out on the other side?

Each cell contains one paragraph from your Trint transcript, and includes the time codes, duration, content, speaker, and verification status. Check it out:

This should help drive some further work down the line - let us know if you use it and how you like it.

Thank you.

More visibility (and collaboration) in Verify

We know how important transcript accuracy is, so we're releasing some significant upgrades to the Verified ✅box to give you and your collaborators more information.

We're introducing a new state: Edited. This is when paragraphs have been edited, but have never been marked as Verified. Here's a rundown of the four states: 

You can now clearly see the status of your work and immediately find which parts still need attention.

There's also big changes for collaborators with a Pro Team, Team or Enterprise account: you can now see who made the last edit.

And remember, you can mark a paragraph as correct using the keyboard shortcut control-alt-v.

We'll roll these changes out over the next couple of hours, so keep an eye out and tell us your thoughts.

Happy Trinting!

Dynamic Punctuation is Live!

There's a new layer of dynamic punctuation in the Editor so you end up doing less polishing and focus on the more important work.

Trint will automatically capitalize or de-capitalize the following word depending on your edits, check it out:

This happens for new paragraphs, periods and exclamation or question marks.

Just go into Settings in the bottom right of the Editor and make sure Auto capitalize and Punctuate new paragraphs are switched on:

Please make sure you get in touch with any feedback.

Easier to use Verified! (and a call for beta testers!)

Interested in testing new Verified functionality not shown here?
Email with "I want to test some awesome new Verified stuff before everyone else". Or to that effect. Limited numbers, so act fast if you're keen!

We've improved our Verified functionality to make it easy to see how much the transcript is polished. The percentage at the bottom of the transcript shows the status at a glance, including any verifications made by team members.

We didn't stop there. It's also much easier to toggle the Verified status: simply hover over the area right of any paragraph and click (you had to click the checkbox before).

P.S. if you want to use Verified, you'll need to be on one of our non-PAYG plans.

Levelled up Trint Punctuation

You may have noticed a bit of ? and a smattering of ! in your transcripts. That's because we layered Advanced Punctuation into our transcription algorithm. What does this do exactly? Glad you asked:

Commas, question marks & exclamation marks are automatically added to Trints
• Overall accuracy of periods and capitalization is improved
• Applied to English 🇺🇸/🇬🇧, French🇫🇷, German 🇩🇪 and Spanish 🇪🇸

It's all about faster understanding, and less editing. Get in touch with feedback.

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