Announcing the Trint Player: changing online video forever ▶️

In two years, video content will make up 80% of online traffic. Yet video content can’t be easily discovered. Online search doesn’t work…until now.

The Trint Player:

• Stitches text to video/audio (think karaoke) 🎤

• Embeds video + transcript directly onto your website 💯

• Unlocks video content to online search (SEO) 👋

• Makes the spoken word accessible for people with disabilities 👍

By combining a video player with an interactive transcript, not only is online video watchable, but the spoken word becomes searchable by Google, Bing and other search engines.

To create a Trint Player, open a video transcript on Trint and select “Embed with Trint Player”:

Trial users can have 1 live Trint Player, PAYG users 3, Basic Plan 10 and Supercharged 20. For Teams and Enterprise, please get in touch your Customer Success Representative. Upgrade your plan