Create a Story in Trint

Announcing new functionality!

You can now create a Story - this is generally released and available to all Trint users. 

Select key quotes from as many of your Trint transcripts as you like and bring them into one place, a Story. Simply highlight or select the moment and click Add to Story in the toolbar menu above the transcript. 

Once in the Story you can: 

  1. Organize the flow by dragging and dropping the quotes
  2. Playback to see and hear how your Story is coming together
  3. Add notes or scripting in text blocks around the quotes

  4. Export to word processors or Adobe, Avid, Final Cut, etc. with .xml or .edl files. The latter helps to generate a swift rough cut

Looking for more information?

For more information and an overview video, please check out our product page. Please check out our support article for FAQs.

Where can I leave feedback? 

Please send us an email at or through our customer experience team in chat.