Public link sharing 🔗

Share your Trints in seconds with Public Link Sharing! The people you share your Trints with no longer need to have a Trint account.

To use Public Link Sharing, open a Trint, click Share, then click Create link at the bottom of the panel. A unique URL will be copied to your clipboard. Email this link to colleagues, add it to your next newsletter, post in on your website or distribute to your audience however you’d like. Users don’t need a Trint account to view your shared Trint.

Anyone with the URL will be able to view your Trint, but they won’t be able to edit it. For more information, check out our Support page on Public Link Sharing.

Please note: before you share a Trint with Public Link Sharing, you must ensure you have the rights to share the content. If you think your content has been shared by someone who shouldn’t have, see our DMCA and Copyright Abuse Policy.

Public Link Sharing is available to anyone with a monthly subscription (individuals and Teams). If you’re on an Enterprise account and want to enable Public Link Sharing, please contact your Customer Success manager or email To view your current plan, take a look at the Pricing page.